Training & Mentoring
We provide our Training and Mentoring services in Medical Coding (ICD 9, ICD 10, CPT) and Emergency Medicine Services (EMS) in the following ways:

Training and Mentoring at the site, hospital.
Training and Mentoring at our centers
Training and Mentoring on line
We provide on-site Training services to assist clients in training coding consultants to develop and enhance their level of competency. The coaching work is targeted and focused according to the client's needs.

The Trainer helps the coder set goals, provides feedback, perspective, and encouragement and mentors the coder to develop their skills. It's like having a personal trainer "running alongside you" giving you the extra input and insights that can really make a difference to your coding competency. Coding coaching, with its advantageous "one on one" training, will enhance the performance, productivity and quality of the coding staff in a supportive environment.

ICD 10 Training
We deliver conceptual training for Medical coding for ICD 9, ICD 10, CPT and other International Coding Systems Used in Health Industry in general and Life Sciences in particular.

Emergency Medicine Services (EMS) Training
We provide you an excellent Training and Mentoring in Medical Coding and Emergency Medicine Services (EMS) mentioned above with the help of our best quality, well-trained, experienced and most devoted trainers.
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