About Us
International Centre for Medical Coding and Research (ICMCR) is a rapidly growing medical research and coding institute registered in Australia and India. ICMCR is engaged in providing quality services for Health care, Health Insurance and Life sciences companies in the field of medical coding, data analysis and interpretation.

ICMCR was established in 2010 with aim to impart quality training, consulting services for professionals from Health care, Health insurance and Life sciences industries. We are committed to the task of meeting the ever increasing demand for highly skilled contract coders due to acute shortage of experienced coders in the health industry.

These shortages impact on health information concerns such as revenue generation based on coded data, coded data quality, timeliness of data for clinical costing, research and indicators, and allocation of time to quality activities affecting various government accreditation likes of NABH etc.

ICMCR's aim is to provide a professional, quality service by contracting highly experienced and skilled contract coders for short or long term periods.
All it takes is an email to info@icmcr.co.in stating your site location and service requirements and we will happily coordinate the requirements.
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